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Episode 26.


Episode 25.


Episode 24.


Episode 23.


Episode 22.


Episode 21.


Episode 20.


Episode 19.


Episode 18.


It’s been a while since the boys had a whisk they didn’t like and this garbage  water from Far North Spirits was awful. They do not recommend Roknar to anybody accept  local organic free range douches. But they Movie the talk about was super solid. Eric has been battling an ear infection so hes not as lively as he usually is.

Episode 17.


The boys frequently miss out on talking about news that is important to them. So this episode they take time to catch up on some announcements they haven’t had a chance to comment on. Also Eric digs into the remaster craze and shouts out a few studies who are doing a great job. Kiel also explains who he doesn’t like Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story. The boys also talk about why they think With Sympathy is the best Ministry record.

Episode 16.


This episode came together literally last minute and turned out to be what it was on the spot. This is definitely more Kiel’s style to just wing shit. It still turned out well accept for the last 17 minutes. Yes we know Eric’s mic sounds hollow. Technical glitch. it happens. The Guest was great though and the juice wasn’t half bad.

Episode 15, In the Mouth of Madness 2nd take and Prince of Darkness 2nd take, (Apocalypse Trilogy)

in the Mouth of madness 2nd takeepisode15pod2ndtake

This was a long time coming and Something Eric wanted to do from the beginning. When these are all put together this is a hefty bit of content. Both the boys love John Carpenter very much and this trilogy was a perfect way for them to talk about it. Also the larger impact of his work on multiple fronts. Most notably music. Because theepsido9e run so long Eric will right a more concise review of the trilogy and its themes and post it very soon.

Episode 14.


This episode came together last minute folks. Sometimes the boys fly by the seat of their pants putting shit together. Schedules have been full with life and other sorted real life nonsense. Eric gets real deep into his love of fallout and tries to explain to Kiel why the series is so great even though he knows its futile. Eric also addresses some of the controversial decision Bethesda has made through the years.

Episode 13.


This is an episode the boys thought about doing from the beginning when they first were putting the show together. This is truly one of Kiels fervent passions besides retro video games. Unfortunately Kiel didn’t really get as far into some of the hardware specs and the crazy expensive pieces that exist and why. as always sometimes there is more info that what can be fit into a 2 hour episode so it may be something they they revisit at a later time. Eric spent most of the time just adding his dumb commentary and soaking in the info.

Episode 12.


We brought John from the Internet on and the problem with that he is an equally versed nerd as the boys are in all things nerdy. In this episode they cover a wide variety of shit in  this sprawling almost 2 hour episode. This thing has more going on in it then the main subject. entertaining tangents about M. Night Shaymalan. Everyone on the show agrees Unbreakable is not as go of a movie as everyone thinks it is. Eric argues that M Nights new twist is that at the end of his movies from now on he will tie in to the movies that weren’t as terrible as the rest of his body of work. John takes the position that the Mortal Kombat movie is better than the first game. No one argues with him. Eric and Kiel talk about the Verhoeven trifecta. Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers. Eric talks about how excited he is about the mini cast reunion of Starship Troopers at this years Crypticon. A lot of stuff folks but funny as usual.

Episode 11.

Episode 11

This episode was our first outing with having a guest on. Eric choose a long time friend of his to come in and see what magic would happen. It was a little more chaotic due to the fact we just brought Jam on and had a vague outline for the episode so the format is a little off. But it was a lot of fun and we recorded for a long time so editing the damn thing down sucked ass. Folks we make this shit up as we go along. We learned quit a bit from the experience and how to better integrate other voices into the show to keep it fresh and interesting for us. Side note Kiel is the one that got a little to drunk this time and got more silly than he usually does and Jam is the queen of silly. Over all we are happy with the episode and will have Jam on again but make her contribute to the subject at hand and get her hilarious take on things especially because she is detached from so much pop culture.

Episode 10.

Episode 10

Episode 10 has a huge amount of information the boys go through thus the slightly longer run time. They drink some barrel proof colonel taylor which neither of them have had before. The problem is that it is exceptionally tasty and Eric may have had a little to much, which means he got a little to loose. Especially towards the end. Never the less there is a bunch of good information on a large variety of topics. They dig into Japanese arcade culture and its decline the things that are contributing to it. California extreme, whiskey history of buffalo trace and colonel taylor. The bottled in bond act and of course the 2016 Berserk series.

Episode 9.


First off, Hibiki is amazing.

Critters not as much as it was remembered. It has its charms for sure. The general presentation was low budget but it made up for it with solid performances, mostly. A well executed movie monster but you could tell its vision was trapped by budget constraints and the filmmakers imagination. There are some pretty gaping plot holes. Again it has the charm to pull you through. There a whole lota great character actors at play here and is a fairly well balanced movie for what its trying to do. The movie is certainly hurt by the PG-13 rating as there is pretty much no blood or gore and all together shy’s away from actual violence.

They also touch on Kiel trip to California Extreme Convention. As Kiel has never been he didn’t have much to add but there is a whole riff on gremlins that is pretty funny.

Overall this is probably the shortest episode that has been done as they didn’t have time to go through the whole series. I’m sure it will be revisited on at a later date.

Episode 8.


We recap the Berserk movies in a fairly general way. In the same way that the movies are a general overview of the manga. During this time Eric is working his way through the animated series and up to this point has finished the first of the new seasons done. They will discuss the new series once Eric has finished it at this point will be very soon. Kiel was still a little sick  as he is. So his taste was a little off.

Episode 7.

Episode 7

So we apologize this was a rush job. Not as for as prep but as how close we cut it. Kiel was sick so we literally waited the night before our release date to record and then I rush edited it the next morning. But we got it dammit! Also we included a new piece of hardware and software for this episode. We can officially have guests now. But once again nothing is ever easy.

My old editing software doesn’t work with my new interface blah blah blah. regardless, just have a few adjustments to make.

For as rushed and as sick as Kiel was the ridiculousness was off the charts. So there is that. Although I do think Kiel was on the mend by the time we recorded he was still a little off his game.

We are past Convergence now. lots more fun to come.

Episode 6.


This was a fun Episode to go into. We decided we had to cover all three main Predator movies but instead of cramming them all into one episode we broke them up and released them through the week. Going forward i think this will be the preferred way to be able to talk about all the things we want on a particular genre or topic and still keep it listenable.

Over all our listeners seemed pretty responsive to how we did this. Its not so stressful for us either we just use our time more efficiently. I will say though we will talk about the additional things after we are drunk. It’s a lot more fun that way.

Episode 5.


This episode we had to tun our asses to the liquor store quick to get some Nikka as Kiel was apparently out and didn’t get any so he brought over some other stuff. Not feeling we could really do the episode right we went out and got the Whisk.

It’s a;ways challange when putting these things together to find the right balance of content and detail. to many topics you either skip over to much or the damn thing runs way to long. This episode suffers from the skipping over to many details.

We will at some point get into some of these anime’s more in depth especially Akira.

Episode 4.


This episode we change up the format a little bit. Trying to streamline the content, stay on point but still have the ability to go off on tangents. So now we will go to a three part format. Whiskey, random shit and then the nerd topic. This episode we also cut down the total record length. So this one was a breeze to edit. For a total of an hour and 27 minute run time. This is our target length.

As far as the episode itself it’s the funniest so far.  We get through a lot in a short period of time. We got a decent level drunk. I didn’t have to cut much out actually.

Episode 3.

episode 3

This episode we switched it up and i did the whisky piece and Kiel did the geek topic. I did a moderate amount of research and it turned into a two-parter for me. We did get way blastoid and honestly don’t remember the last half of recording the episode. Because of that it ran way the fuck long. 3.5 hours. Luckily Kiel did an extra bit for the first half hour as a extra content thing for a later thing but still editing three hours down to 2 sucks.

luckily there was a large portion that i was really drunk and not entertaining so that shit got dropped. We’ve gotten better with our speech rhythms  and um and ahhs. so its not as tedious as the first episode to edit.

Episode 2.

episode 2

This episode we put a lot more prep into to try and not ramble so damn much. We also decided to not drink as much this time as trying to edit things down is a pain in the ass. The main subject i was really excited for (Eric) Naked lunch is one of those movies that i have to show anyone who has never seen or heard of it with them. They really don’t get a choice actually. Especially if they proclaim they are serious about movies. The movie is so weird but actually a very deeply human movie about sadness, addiction and a sense of never fitting in with anybody. it’s a movie that continues to deeply effect me and also amuse.

Kiel had never seen it so it was a perfect subject to dig into as we start this thing out. honestly watching Kiel watch the movie was very entertaining. I felt we did a good job going through many of the main points that i was trying to cover. The episodes total record time was also much more manageable.

Kiels whiskey piece was on point going through some important history and points of interest.

Episode 1.

episode 1

This being the first obviously we weren’t sure what to expect and if any magic would happen. I being Eric over prepared and had to much to say and Kiel didn’t prepare at all. Some how how we ended up recording for 4.5 hours. So obviously we had plenty to say. The problem is we got way to drunk and just rambled like idiots for a lot of it. It took a good 3 days for me to edit this shit down. It sucked way hard.

The funny thing is i didn’t get to say all thing that i had to say and we recorded an amendment piece which we will release on Patreon once i have that figured out. I also have many other things to say in a less drunken state cause i love Clive Barker.  But this episode convinced the hesitant Kiel to go b-deep into the cast. so its all good.

So at the end of the day it was our first not at all the best. just like the first time you bone but you don’t usually last as long.

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