So far this year has been great. With interviews done and up coming  we will be bringing exciting content well into the spring.  Some names that we can’t mention yet and events that we will hopefully participate in. We are going to focus on some fun merch soon. until next update we really want to thank everyone for their support.


The Final show of the year was just posted and i thank everyone for listening and going on this ride with us. Next year we have several interviews lined up from a variety of interesting people and hopefully some big surprises as well. We always hustling.  a new year will probably mean a refresh of everything so stay tuned for that.  we still have another show that will come out along of TPB and that is underway so even more content on a regular basis. Again thank you for for listening.


Sorry folks have been super busy with life and the such. luckily we have a lot of fun stuff in the works. Coming soon i will sit my ass down and update this site thoroughly, convert more episodes to the youtube format. We have some great interviews  lined up and some are done. Thinking about revamping the site a little bit also converting the “latest” portion of the page into a separate podcast that focuses on deep diving specific subjects. it will be call “Local Creeps” it will be mostly a solo show featuring Eric deep diving some subjects we have covered on the show and some that we don’t have time too.



No episode this week folks sorry. with the holiday shenanigans we were not able to get together. but stay tuned for next week.


Yes folks its been forever since an update has been posted. Busy boys we are. Obviously episodes keep coming so never fear. We have sat down recently and vaguely set out the episodes for the next month and a half. We have some fun stuff planned. More focused content and guests. I being Eric have an additional show in the works that will go deeper into subjects. Because of Kiel and I’s schedules its hard to be able to really do research and record and edit ETC. So this will be a solo show maybe with some well informed guests. This also probably wont be a weekly show maybe it will be done in seasons I’m not sure yet. Subjects include diving deep into the themes of Cronenberg, Horror and weird icons ETC. but that is still in the beginning phase. Think of it as an edition to TPB or an enhancement of. We have posters and stickers made so if anyone wants some I will gladly ship them out to you. As always catch us weekly give us shout outs blah blah blah.



there is some cool stuff planned. Next episode the boys will talk about the Dan Terminus show they went to and review the movie Mandy staring Nick Cage. The episode after that they will get a models and a females perspective on the Movie The Neon Demon. Merch  is being shipped as we speak! excited for that. They will be handing out some stickers at Crypticon and if you get a hold of them before then they will sign a TPB poster!



Damn a lot of shit has gone down since the last time this was updated. The boys got the Apocalypse Trilogy actually done and up and another Episode put up on top of that. The biggest thing is Eric is going to write a piece on the trilogy to put everything together in a more concise way instead of listening to the boys ramble for 3 hours while drunk trying to get to a point. The boys are getting ready for Crypticon this year. There will be an episode on that and as always their fall exploits of trying to get cherry fall releases and tasting that they will go to. Lots of episode ideas not sure what and when though. The boys will get together soon to do some episode planning.  Also do some interviews with folks.


While the boys didn’t do the Apocalypse trilogy for EP 14 they are recording that and additional content for next weeks episode.


Sorry folks its been a mad house. Kiel and Eric’s schedules have been pretty full over the last week.  Eric has some vacation coming up so he will focus on upcoming content and relaxing. The boys are working on the Apocalypse trilogy show, an interview with a cos player, a nic cage episode yeah you saw that right. at some point they will get around to interviewing Pete Atkins, screen writer extraordinaire. always looking for in put from ya’ll as well.


TPB just wants to thank the folks that have been listening to them, as they progress they will continue to do fun things and bring their stupidity to the internet in new and exciting ways. Speaking of Eric is going to start doing a weekly movie breakdown in written form and post it here on the site. They cant believe They are saying this but there is too much to cover and not enough time. Kiel and Eric  both have day jobs and lives and blah blah blah. Their time together is limited and at the end of the day it cant always be about the show. But this new format will allow Eric to dive into some of the more obscure movie passions he has that they may or may not be able to cover on the show.

The Patreon account is up, so now They are just working on merch ideas and all the logistics of figuring that out.


New episode is up while recording it we thought it would turn out to be a total shit show but it turned out way better than we thought. We will do some adjustments when we have folks on again. If we are going to do a straight up interview it will be separate from the main show so you folks will be getting some extra content as time goes on. We are really just expanding things and seeing what works. But we think we have a pretty good outline for the grand vision of things and it will be exciting to show all of you as it evolves. Soon we will be making some stickers and flyers and will have those up on the merch page. Nothing to fancy yet. We are looking into t shirts and maybe some branded whiskey glasses.


with episode 10 live there is something like 15 or so hours us rambling on the internet which seems strange since we barely know what the internet is. Things are starting to evolve a little we have changed the site a little upgraded the logo a bit and are now using a different font. Things will continue to evolve as we progress. we got our first batch of promotional items in and sorry its local only. the same for our next round we will be making a small run of flyers. Soon tomorrow actually we will have our first guest. we really dont have a planned agenda for what the show will be about which is exciting and terrifying. But we always have things to rant on so im sure it will be mildly entertaining.

Soon we should be getting back into some meatier things like the apocalypse trilogy, revisiting the critters sequels, some cronenberg action etc.



We changed up the logo and font for the cast. We finally took the time to really make something that’s easily put on merch,easy to read and identify. We made up some cards and are going to do some flyers soon.  We are going to start to look into getting some stuff made. Just for ourselves initially. getting closer to firing up the patreon deal as well. Guests will be starting very soon. so that will be very exciting to see how that all shakes out. the first guest should be a lot of fun to have on. That’s all for now y’all.


Now that we are past Convergence and have our hardware game up to speck. Kiel and myself will be sitting down in the next few days to plan out the next few months. We have lots of content planned and incorporating guests will be a new challenge. We want to stick to an hour and half format, but we will see.

We have some more themed weeks planned which means a lot of clever planning and usage of time as we are both very busy bois. I may sit down and get the damn patreon thing figured out.

We are really excited for the guests we have planned because they add a very different spice to our dynamic. Its also going to be fun to subject people to our whiskey ways.

We are also looking for some new avenues to reach people doing some live recordings etc.

Also in the first stages of designing some merch. I am designing some stuff also reaching out to some of our more artistic friends to get some some designed. All very exciting stuff happening.



Sweet butt hole Jesus what a week it has been. We finished up with Convergence a few days ago and now we are back to reality. I think we will do Crypticon this year. Cons are great but intense as fuck. Our plan is to have a panel next year and maybe do some guest work on other panels. This is our jam for sure. It will be even better because it will be down town Minneapolis. The trouble we will get into….

Our official whiskey from the con was Even Williams Single Barrel. We went through almost 3 bottle between the two of us. So as Kiel would say the juice was loose. We will be recording the recap of the whole event soon for your listening pleasure. we will be having guests soon and have folks lined up already to provide some insights into other geekery and a some different perspectives. More on that soon.

We are gonna try and release more content more often but this requires more prep on our part. So i promise it will be inconsistent.



Today is a busy day for the TPB bois, We are gonna get our pre registration done for Convergence. We are going to record a whole bunch of shit for next week. Next week is Predator week. We are going to release on mon, wed and fri. Monday will be a piece on the first Predator movie, Wednesday will be predator 2/regular show then Friday will be Predators. We are going to eat at Mamas so Kiel can finally see the hot babe i have been telling him about.  We have struck out every other time we have gone.

We also hooked with the owner of west 7th liquor barrel. We joined the whiskey club there and hopefully we will get him on the show at some point. I tell you what if the only thing we achieve through this podcast is being the official podcast of liquor barrel it will be a great achievement.



Episode 5 is recorded has been for a about a week actually. will starting editing it tomorrow. Kiel and myself plan releasing smaller content more frequently i’m thinking mon wed and fri. we are gonna start by doing predator week going over all 3 main line films leaving Kiels favorite number 2 for the main show. We will at some point soon start to have guests on, so look our for that. Kiel and myself will be heading to Convergence soon. we are gonna be drunk a lot.


We recorded EP 5. last night. During the day even! IT was kind of messy affair but we weren’t pressed for time so it was fine. Had to run to get some Nikka cause Kiel didn’t have any. He brought Knob Creek Single barrel Rye. I got bent because i prepped some Japanese info so we went out and just got some, but before pouring some high proof knob.

Needless to say we got way drunk again of course, went to my local eating establishment Mama’s and get some great pasta. Then went back to my place and watched 13 assassins.

Took more pictures this time. First 3 EPs we didn’t take any. Also ordered a new mic for Kiel a Rode M3. Its a great mic. We are winding up for Convergance, plotting our next episode. At some point soon we will start having guests. Getting some folks lined up. Also Peter Atkins agreed to do an interview with us so that exciting as fuck.


We recorded episode 4 the night before. It went really well i thought EP 3. was a step backwards in some ways. Mostly cause we got way to drunk. But i suppose its part of the fun. We changed the format up a little to give room for some of the more random things we want to discuss so we are not trying to shoe horn in things into the main pieces. So number one to stay on point and not trail off and number 2 to manage time better.Our record times for the first three episodes average 3.5 hours. To sift through all that audio and make it all line up is awful.

So ultimately if we can keep the record time to 2 hours  and then the final show to be 1.5 hours that would be a sweet spot for all aspects. But the show continues to evolve and we will eventually be doing interviews and having guest which adds another element.

We officially have a facebook page now and a google+ i’m not excited about either. Kiel and I hate both platforms. So we will not be utilizing them as much. The next big thing is to get the Patreon account up and going.

Kiel and I will be going to Convergence Con this year. I have never been. So EP 5 will dig into a little bit of what to expect and EP 6 will be a wrap up of the event. After that we will get back into a more focused subject to get way deep into it.



We finished up recording episode 4 last night night. It went really well. We changed up the format a little bit to make it flow better also to not ramble the fuck on. I will say it worked. We recorded for just over an hour and a half. which for us is super good. I will also appreciate this. Now i don’t have to listen to my voice for what seems like an eternity.

Still working on the site bit by bit. Would like to have a fully polished by the middle of July. We will have a facebook page unfortunately and a google+. I personally hate both of these but playas gota play.

Still editing down episode 3 for this weeks release. we went way long again last time. This bitch was 3.5 hours of raw drunken rambling.