TPB Update

Sorry folks for not being as active on social media or releasing as many episodes. As we said in our last episode the month of May and into June  are very busy for us with our real life jobs. That doesn’t mean we are going away. We are are still working exciting things for late spring and into the summer. We are also still recording, but as we have time. We will try to do something cool for our upcoming one year anniversary. We are also doing some stuff with the Synth wave community soon. New interviews, merch ETC are in the works. So a lot of things are gestating behind the scenes. As always if there is something any of you want us to cover or talk about we are always open to feedback. We also want to thank all of you for your incredible support. When we started this we were sure no one would listen to this podcast and to our surprise it keeps growing even when we are not as active. Thank you again.

-Eric & Kiel