Two Pour Bastards whiskey/geek/comedy podcast. Join two friends while they drink, talk whiskey and their favorite pop culture obsessions.

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Meet The Hosts


Eric has a background in Radio, Music journalism, released 2 shitty electronic records and to top it off was a tattoo artist for the better part of a decade. Currently slogging his way through life with a much less grand job as a mid-level manager for a large corporation. Eric’s interests include Whiskey, Film, 80’s post punk/goth music and anything that would make the average person groan also goth girls.

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His Music Project @ Blyqlyt


Kiel’s background is hating his life, has a business degree and works a 9-5 he’d rather not. His passions include modifying arcade and video game equipment, also Whiskey, Retro Video Games, Synth Wave, Vinyl both records and equipment, laser dics and goth girls.

Follow Kiel’s Personal IG @ fullextentofthejam

Kiel’s vinyl page @ vfi5e